The Newest Car Technology in 2021

The Newest Car Technology in 2021

Automotive technology continues to accelerate at a rapid pace, with drivers looking for the best next-generation specs to fit out their vehicles. From the increasing demand for hybrid and electric vehicles for a greener future to the dazzling infotainment systems that keep the whole family entertained, car manufacturers are constantly searching for exciting new ways to engage their customers.

Trends we’re seeing in new car technology for 2021 span across both interior and exterior innovation, with a key focus on enhancing safety features and improving connectivity. Whether it’s under the hood or inside the cabin, there’s plenty of exciting new technology to look forward to this year. Let’s review some of the best.

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Hydrogen-powered cars

Hydrogen Charge

Toyota Mirai Leasing available from TBA

The concept of a hydrogen-powered car isn’t new, but these vehicles actually hitting the roads is now a reality. Yet another alternative to traditional petrol and diesel models, hydrogen power is gaining popularity in the automotive industry, albeit at a slower pace than electric and hybrid models. Some models to watch in 2021 include the hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai which has been transformed into a premium sedan, leaving behind the quirky-looking hatchback it was previously launched as.

Its more traditional look would leave many surprised to discover it's an alternative fuel vehicle. Honda has also released the Clarity Fuel-Cell, a sophisticated sedan featuring innovative heat-blocking windows and a spacious interior. We’re expecting to see more players come to the table as hydrogen-powered models become a closely watched competitor in the alternative fuel vehicle industry.

Hands-free driving

Hands Free

Tesla Model X Leasing available from TBA

It wasn’t long ago that the idea of self-driving cars seemed like a sign of a distant future. However, the interest in self-driving and hands-free cars only continues to gain pace and manufacturers are making moves to increase technology in this space. Nissan has announced their ProPilot Assist 2.0 system which offers drivers the option to experience hands-off single-lane driving and hands-on guided land changing capabilities.

While it’s currently pinned to be launched in the US in Nissan’s electric Ariya SUV in late 2021, there are hopes the UK market will follow not too long after, as laws are currently being reviewed to allow automated driving in the UK. Behaving as a super-adaptive cruise control system, the additional benefit of the system not timing out is afforded by the hands-off element. Aimed at reducing driver fatigue on long journeys, this new technology also aims to minimise lane-change and rear-end accidents.

Enhanced Head-up Display

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Heads Up Display

Only a few years ago, head-up display was a luxury feature highly sought after but limited only to high-end vehicles. Technology has evolved at a phenomenal rate, now offering head-up display to a wider market, increasing accessibility across the industry. Now, all that’s required is a smartphone and a compatible vehicle. A great example of head-up display technology in 2021 is the Hudway Drive. With the ability to plug into any dashboard, users simply need to power with a 12V outlet and connect to their phone. Displaying key information including speed, fuel level, weather insights, notifications from your phone including text messages and calls, and even turn-by-turn navigation.

Easily delivered within the driver's line of sight with minimal distraction, the display can be customised to suit your needs, showing you everything you want while removing anything you don’t need. With the ability to connect cameras, including a night camera, backup and side view, blind spots are covered with ease. As head-up displays become increasingly more accessible, it’s technology that drivers will be incorporating into their driving experience for a better, more informed journey.

Teen Driver Technology

Teen Tech

A fairly new addition to the car technology space, teen driver tech is currently only available across a few makes and models. Designed to increase safety for new and inexperienced drivers, the technology can help to put parents’ minds at ease as they let their teens behind the wheel.

With notifications on information including whether a driver is driving faster than a particular speed, the ability to disable audio if seat belts aren’t being used, set volume limits on sound systems, and in some cases the ability to filter out explicit content, it’s a dynamic solution that is helping keep young drivers safe.

Report cards are also available to inform parents whether safety systems have been triggered. By reducing distractions and keeping parents in the loop, teen driver technology is set to grow in popularity, especially for families whose younger drivers borrow the car from parents.

Exit Warning Systems

Wondering what might be on the cards in terms of car safety? Designed to keep drivers and cyclists safe, the exit warning system triggers an alert using rear-looking sensors to detect the presence of oncoming cyclists and traffic. Targeting collisions caused by passengers opening car doors just as a cyclist travels past, the system is particularly effective in city settings where parked cars are a major concern for bike riders.

Operating for several minutes once the engine has been turned off, the sensors detect an approaching rider or car and alert the passenger using bright lights to engage their attention. Systems vary, with the most advanced locking the door to prevent it from being opened if passengers miss the alerts of the guidance system.

Air Purification Systems

Air Purifier

Jaguar has been working on cutting-edge air purification systems that in laboratory tests have been found to inhibit airborne bacteria and viruses by up to 97 per cent. Helping to deliver a unique user experience, the Panasonic nanoe™ X technology uses high voltage to create trillions of Hydroxyl Radicals enveloped in nano-sized water molecules. Pinned as next-generation air filtration technology of the future, it will be rolled out across several models that already offer the current nanoe™ technology.

Car Leasing

New car technology in 2021 continues to make leaps and bounds, setting a new pace for innovation to stay competitive and offer a better customer experience. With impressive safety features a top priority for manufacturers, there’s no shortage of advances to take advantage of.

Short-term leasing enables you to upgrade to a newer car model regularly, giving you access to the latest motoring features and technology. With a short-term lease, you can enjoy the look and feel of a new car more frequently. Additionally, it provides you with an opportunity for an extended test drive before committing to a long-term lease. Read our guide about the benefits of short-term leasing to learn more

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