Hatchbacks with the Best Sound Systems!

Hatchbacks with the Best Sound Systems!

So, you’re looking for a hatchback style car with a great sound system? Brilliant, let me talk you through some that are available.

If you love to listen to music in the car, I know I do, then you’ll want to make sure your car has a decent sound system in it! Whether this be stock speakers that come with the car, or an after-market system, it’s a must for lots of people! Here’s what’s available.

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This takes the ever-popular Volkswagen Polo, and chucks in a Dr Dre Beats sound system in it! Not only to you get enhanced audio, you also get some cool styling upgrades to your vehicle. To make it stand out from the crowd, you get a sporty stripe along the cars bonnet. On the older shape Polo, you get sport stripes along the side skirts.

You also get sportier seats, these have Beats logos on them, as shown below. It’s an all-round winner this car!

Volkswagen Polo leasing prices start from £171.31 exc. VAT per month


VW Polo Beats

This car is available with a Harmon Kardon Hi-Fi system which is amazing! It’s a cost option, however if you are looking into leasing a car, this will only end up being a few pounds per month, for this awesome upgrade. These speakers not only sound great but look stylish as well! Following Mini’s classic oval designs, they fit stylishly all over the car!

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It’s not only the Volkswagen Polo that gets Beats Audio. The amazing systems are available in Fiat and Abarth 500’s as well as a cost option. This turns these super-minis into super mini party as I’m sure you won’t be able to help singing along to your favourite tunes on the way to work in the morning.

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The new Ford Fiesta’s have been very popular. In previous models there was no “play” series, however now the new shape is out you can get this with the B&O Speakers. This is a new game for ford as they haven’t brought anything out like this before. These cars are available in some really funky pastel paints.

Here is our Ford Fiesta Leasing offers

Of course, there are many more cars available with sound systems as good as these, but this gives you a general gist of what is around. In terms of other body style vehicles, there are many more cars that have great sound systems, different to the above including Bose, B&O, Harmon Kardon, Bowers & Wilkins and Beats by Dre.

If you are looking for a hatchback with the best sound system, Rivervale Leasing is the perfect place to start your search. As a leading vehicle leasing provider, we offer a wide range of hatchbacks from different manufacturers with the latest sound technology. Leasing a vehicle with us means you get access to the latest models, equipped with cutting-edge features and the best sound systems on the market.

We understand that choosing the right car is an important decision, which is why we offer test drives to ensure that you find a hatchback that meets your needs and preferences. Plus, with flexible leasing terms and competitive rates, you can get behind the wheel of your dream hatchback with ease and affordability. Whether you prioritize a high-quality sound system or other features, our knowledgeable team is here to help you find the perfect vehicle.

If you have any queries about the cars mentioned here or if you are interested in any other vehicles at all, please let us know. You can speak to one of our account managers on 01273 433 480

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