The All-Electric Maxus MIFA 9 MPV

The All-Electric Maxus MIFA 9 MPV

New to the UK in 2023, the Maxus MIFA 9 is the all-electric people carrier that we have all been waiting for. Maxus has become well-known internationally for its commercial and passenger vehicles.

MIFA is an acronym for Maximum, Intelligent, Friendly and Artistic, and this is exactly what they deliver. They are bringing their first passenger car to the UK next year, and it is fair to say that they are making their arrival known with this fully electric MPV. Let’s see what else the Maxus MIFA 9 has to offer and how it compares to other electric vehicles currently on the market.

Meet the Maxus MIFA 9

Say hello to the newest electric kid on the block, the Maxus MIFA 9. With up to eight seats and a 250-mile driving range, this is the first car built on the MIFA platform, and SAIC has confirmed that it will be for both pick-up and SUV use. Maxus prides itself on its technical innovation, and this all-electric MPV shows off all their skill and foresight. Not know what an MPV is? Find out the difference between SUV, MPV, Crossover & 4X4s.

By creating the MIFA 9, Maxus aims to bridge the gap that currently exists in the electric car market today by offering an eco option for large families. Not only is it great to look at, but it also boasts an impressive range on a single charge with plenty of room for everyone. It is due to be released with a range of intelligent assistance systems to recognise driving styles and help drivers avoid obstacles, especially on congested streets. These advanced assistance systems also make motorway driving a more relaxing experience and are expected to revolutionise the way we drive.

The Maxus MIFE 9 follows the release of the Maxus T90EV pick-up and Maxus D60 SUV in China earlier this year and will be available all across Europe.

Maxus MIFA 9 China Showcase

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Naturally, the most obvious question is how powerful is it? It has a punchy and responsive 180kW motor and a max torque of 350 Nm. Whether you are doing the school run or heading off on a road trip with the family, you should have all the power you need. You should have no concerns about the vehicle being able to deal with the added weight of extra passengers on board. This model has one of the longest electric car ranges on the market with a hefty ternary lithium battery park (93kW), so you have plenty of stored energy you can rely on.

The Maxus MIFA 9 has a range of 323 miles (520km) and has an energy consumption rating of 17.9kWh/100km (62 miles), which is really good for a car this size. With all this in mind, it seems like the perfect option if you are looking for an electric MPV that also delivers when it comes to performance, range and consumption.

Maxus MIFA 9 Doors Open


The Maxus MIFA 9 has an impressive and striking design that looks great and is a unique twist on the traditional ‘family-van look’. It has a prominent front end that will definitely make you feel grand when you are behind the wheel. The bonnet is large and high-set, so unlike most MPVs, it doesn’t have a sloping front. The vehicle's exterior also boasts a prominent bumper that gives off a stern look with thin headlamps to the side. There is no denying that it is different to what we have become accustomed to in terms of the design in the UK, but it still looks great! If unique body shapes interest you then check out the most unique body shapes ever made.

On the inside, you will find a digital dashboard that is expected to be a hit with drivers that spans the entire car width. It has three separate screens to help you navigate the different media connectivity and intelligence assistance systems it has to offer.

You will feel relaxed and comfortable with all the conveniently placed tech all around you. The Maxus MIFA 9 has quilted fabric doors, leather seats and two armchair seats in the back with tablets in the armrest. And if the show car is anything to go off, then you can expect screens on the back of the front seats! Additional luxury features include leg support, ventilation, and motorised backrests.

Maxus MIFA 9 Interior

Sustainability and Driving

With this model being so new, we don’t fully know about sustainability just yet. But if Maxus’ previous models are anything to go by, then we have a lot of faith in the MIFA 9. With its chunky aero wheels and low ground clearance, the slick style on the car's sides are sure to make it an excellent vehicle for long-distance driving.

The only other electric models on the market currently that offer the same passenger-carrying ability are the Tesla Model X and Mercedes EQV. But with a better price point than the Tesla and Maxus MIFA 9 offering a more extended range than the Mercedes option, this is a no-brainer.

Of course, being a fully electric vehicle, the MIFA 9 is a much more sustainable option, and Maxus states that the driving range will be a reasonable 250 miles per charge. This is sweetened by the current UK Fuel Phenomenon affecting the nation.


This first UK offering from Maxus is sure to be an industry-changing addition to the current market and will likely pave the way for other fully electric MPVs of this kind. Offering both passenger capabilities and a considerable range, the Maxus MIFA 9 is a great option for anyone looking to go greener without losing the extra space.

Get in touch with Rivervale to lease the Maxus MIFA 9 as soon as it hits the UK. Give us a call on 01273433480 to discuss car leasing. Alternatively, you can request a callback for a time that is convenient for you!

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